Mt.Siguniang Hiking and Climbing


Mount Siguniang encompasses four peaks: Daguniang Feng (Big Peak or 1st peak), Erguniang Feng (2nd peak), Sangungiang Feng (3rd peak), and Yaomei Feng (4th peak). The highest peak is Yaomei Feng (Chinese幺妹峰; literally: “peak of the youngest sister”), also known as the “Queen of Sichuan’s peaks” (Chinese蜀山皇后), standing at 6250 meters.

It is also the second highest mountain in Sichuan Province and the easternmost 6,000 m (20,000 ft) or higher peak on Earth. The first ascent was in 1981 by a Japanese team via the east ridge. Very few people attempt to climb this and very few of them succeed after that.


day 1: pick up from hotel , drive 4 hours to Mt.Siguniang .

check in hotel at Rilong/Siguniang town .

afternoon visit Shuangqiao Valley .

day 2: Changping valley hiking

in this valley you can rent a horse to ride . total length of hiking is around 20km.

day 3: Haizi valley .

drive back to Chengdu



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