Dujiangyan Panda base Keeper Experience

1.5-hour drive from Chengdu city center to Dujiangyan Panda base . Arrive at this base and start to do panda keeper experience / panda volunteer work .

Receive a uniform and meet the panda keepers who will introduce you to the procedures of the program. In the morning session, feed the pandas, clean their enclosures


Enjoy a simple lunch at noon, arranged in the canteen. If you don’t want to eat a meal in the canteen, you can be escorted to a local restaurant  near the center, but you must pay for the meal at your own expense. Rest for an hour from 1-2pm and relax with a panda movie.

During the afternoon session, continue working with the adorable pandas. This work will include cleaning bamboo, weighing pandas’ feces (an important way to monitor their health condition) and attending a panda lecture to learn about progression of pandas from infancy to adulthood.

make panda cakes (which is made of beans , salt , sugar and corn etc) ,  later the staff will steam the cakes , it requires about 4-5 hours  steaming , so the cakes will be eaten for the next day by the pandas

After the afternoon session and the pandas’ second feeding, have a break and walk around the panda base for leisure and fun. The program finishes at around 4pm and you will receive a panda volunteer certificate to commemorate this meaningful day.



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