Hailuogou Glacier 3-day tour

Hailuogou Glacier is located on the east edge of Tibet-Qinghai Plateau. the east slope of Gongga Mountain ( 7556M)-the King Mountain among Sichuan Mountains . 280km away from Chengdu.

It’s the hometown of glaciers, there are 71 modern glaciers。

What do you expect here:

  1. Huge ice waterfall . Everyone see the Hailuogou Glacier will be shocked by the magnificent ice waterfall . It floats high above the snow peak and jumps down from the top of the mountain with a drop of about 1,100 meters. It is the largest glacial waterfall in China, 20 times bigger than Huangguoshu Waterfall.
  2. 2. The water temperature at the highest of Hailuogou hot spring reaches more than 90°C, and then it drops down one by one. The most suitable pool of water for people to soak varies from 45°C to 35°C.

3. the primeval forest. The forest area of ​​Hailuogou reaches 70 square kilometers . The ever-changing plant landscape and animals such as  macaques, pandas, wildebeests, red-bellied pheasants and other lovely animals are visible iin the forests.

4. Kangba Tibetan culture. it’s in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (still in Sichuan, west Tibet ) , people here dress Tibetan clothes, talk in Tibetan language and Sichuan dialect.

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