Mt.Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation project one day tour

Chengdu -Dujiangyan Irrigation  Project  located at the edge of the Chengdu plain, 60km away from Chengdu city. Dujiangyan Irrigation project was built in 256 BC .it remains fully functional still .the headwork is hydralic water project. it consists of three main parts: the Fish Mouth Water-Dividing Dam, the Flying Sand Spillway and the Bottle-Neck Channel . when the construction was completed, the dam system automatically diverted the Min River and channeled it into irrigation cannals. Gradually, the Chengdu Plain turned into one of the most fertile places in China.  lunch  afternoon visit Mt.Qingcheng ,Panda Village 2 hours drive from Chengdu and … Continue reading Mt.Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation project one day tour

Chongqing Jinfo Mountain one day tour

brief introduction of Jinfo Mountain  located on the south of Chongqing city,  2 hours drive from Chongqing city  center Jiefangbei. Jinfoshan is a typical karst geological landform. Due to its special geographical location and climatic conditions, it has buffered the Quaternary glaciers in ancient times. Preserving the original natural ecology of ancient and different geological ages winter time there is Ski Resort on Jinfo Mountain itinerary  8:00 am pick up from your hotel , drive 2 hours to Jinfo Mountain North Gate ( 北门) bus to Jinfo Mountain cable car station, take the cable car up , walk to the top … Continue reading Chongqing Jinfo Mountain one day tour

Dagu Glacier tour

Dagu Glacier is located in Heishui County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture .Sichuan Province ,China . the altitude of the peak is 5283m. The mountain top is covered with snow all year round. In autumn, you can see the spectacular scenery of the colorful forest since late October ;  in winter, it is suitable for extreme sports such as ice climbing. Until 1992, Japanese scientists discovered through the satellite that she was hiding in the mountains . In August , they crossed the ocean to Heishui County and made a one-week visit to her. They become very excited for … Continue reading Dagu Glacier tour

Leshan Giant Buddha -Shunan Bamboo Forest ( Bamboo Sea ) -Xingwen Stone Forest 5-day tour

Day 1: Chengdu panda base . afternoon visit the city : Jinli street . People’s Park ( sining, dancing . match-making ) night stay in Chengdu Day 2: Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha ( 2.5h )            on the way stop at the tea plantation for some terrace photos            after Buddha drive 40 minutes to Emeishan . night stay in Emeishan Day 3: Emeishan . night stay in Emeishan            one of China’s four most famous Buddhist moutains ( the others are Putuoshan, Wutai Shan, Jiuhua Shan) Day 4: … Continue reading Leshan Giant Buddha -Shunan Bamboo Forest ( Bamboo Sea ) -Xingwen Stone Forest 5-day tour

Chengdu tour guide

we are a group of Chengdu tour guides ( Sichuan tour guides ) we provide best private tour guide service   Chengdu tour guide Weaver Liu : Weaver’s excellent review on tripadvisor :   Chengdu tour guide Aline   Chengdu guide Aline reviews on tripadvisor   Chengdu tour guide Fifi   Chengdu tour guide / private guide /Sichuan tour guide -Ella     Continue reading Chengdu tour guide

Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong 4-day tour

Jiuzhaigou is still open after the earthquake happened in Aug.2017 . the entrance tickets need to be booked in advance .   day 1: drive from Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou (8 hours )  pass by Dujiangyan-Yingxiu-Wenchuan county-Maoxian-Diexi Lake -Songpan -Chuanzhusi town morning 7:30 am pick up from your hotel in Chengdu, drive around 8 hours to Jiuzhaigou . night stay near Jiuzhaigou National park , in the Zhangzha Town day 2: Jiuzhaigou National Park full day  Jiuzhaigou means Nine Village Valley and refers to the region’s nine  Tibetan villages. famous for its blue lakes , waterfalls and deep green trees backed by snowy … Continue reading Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong 4-day tour

West Sichuan: Kangding -Tagong-Daocheng Yading-Tagong-Danba-Mt.Siguniang round trip

Day 1. Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha . pick up from hotel at 8:30 drive to Ya’an city ( 2.5h ) Day 2.  Leshan Giant Buddha-Ya’an Bifengxia ( hike in the gorge ) Shangli Ancient town night stay in Bifengxia / Shangli Ancient town Day 3. Ya’an-Luding ( Luding Bridge )-Kangding (6h drive ) night stay in Kangding Kangding is a main gateway to Tibet from Sichuan, for many travelers this is the first taste of the Tibetan world. Kangding is famous throughout China for a popular love song inspired by the town’s surrounding scenery. Day 4. Kangding-Mugecuo -Kangding -Xinduqiao night stay … Continue reading West Sichuan: Kangding -Tagong-Daocheng Yading-Tagong-Danba-Mt.Siguniang round trip

ChengDu Day Tour

I provide the best personalized Travel services in the Chengdu area to handle all of your travel plans. Since 2011, I’ve been securing the best deals for my clients, including customized travel itineraries. Let me plan your next trip. Call me today for a consultation, and let’s put together your dream travel experience! email: phone & whatsapp: +86 18980454082 Continue reading ChengDu Day Tour