Chongqing Jinfo Mountain one day tour

brief introduction of Jinfo Mountain 

located on the south of Chongqing city,  2 hours drive from Chongqing city  center Jiefangbei.

Jinfoshan is a typical karst geological landform. Due to its special geographical location and climatic conditions, it has buffered the Quaternary glaciers in ancient times. Preserving the original natural ecology of ancient and different geological ages

winter time there is Ski Resort on Jinfo Mountain


8:00 am ,yout tour guide and driver

pick up from Chongqing hotel , drive 2 hours to Jinfo Mountain North Gate ( 北门)

bus to Jinfo Mountain cable car station, take the cable car up , walk to the top of Jinfo Mountain

same way down

drive back to Chongqing hotel at around 17:30

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