Mt.Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation project one day tour

Chengdu -Dujiangyan Irrigation  Project 

located at the edge of the Chengdu plain, 60km away from Chengdu city. Dujiangyan Irrigation project was built in 256 BC .it remains fully functional still .the headwork is hydralic water project. it consists of three main parts: the Fish Mouth Water-Dividing Dam, the Flying Sand Spillway and the Bottle-Neck Channel . when the construction was completed, the dam system automatically diverted the Min River and channeled it into irrigation cannals. Gradually, the Chengdu Plain turned into one of the most fertile places in China. 


afternoon visit Mt.Qingcheng Panda Village

2 hours drive from Chengdu and half an hour drive to Dujiangyan Irrigation project. Qingcheng Mountain is a natural defense of north Chengdu.

DreamWorks staff got the Inspiration from Mt.Qingcheng for the Kung Fu Panda Movies。

The representation of the homeland of pandas in the film is based on the scenes in the Qingcheng Mountains featuring the green hills and cliffs lost in the cloud and mist.

Mt.Qingcheng is a Taoism mountain originated in China.

There are many ancient Taoist temples . the scenery is beautiful.

You will have a wonderful hike in these mountains . but if you cannot walk much you can also take the cable car up and down .

drive back to Chengdu hotel at around 18:30 

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