Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong 4-day tour

Jiuzhaigou is still open after the earthquake happened in Aug.2017 . the entrance tickets need to be booked in advance .


day 1: drive from Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou (8 hours ) 

pass by Dujiangyan-Yingxiu-Wenchuan county-Maoxian-Diexi Lake -Songpan -Chuanzhusi town

morning 7:30 am pick up from your hotel in Chengdu, drive around 8 hours to Jiuzhaigou . night stay near Jiuzhaigou National park , in the Zhangzha Town

day 2: Jiuzhaigou National Park full day 

Jiuzhaigou means Nine Village Valley and refers to the region’s nine  Tibetan villages. famous for its blue lakes , waterfalls and deep green trees backed by snowy mountain ranges .

Lakes and waterfalls

Sparkling Lake( 火花海)

Shuzheng Waterfall 树正瀑布

Nuorilang Waterfall 诺日朗瀑布

Long Lake (长海)

Five-Coloured Pool (五彩池)

Swan Lake (天鹅海)

Mirror Lake  (镜海)  Panda Lake (熊猫海)

Pearl Shoals waterfall (珍珠滩瀑布)

day 3: Jiuzhzaigou-Huanglong National Park 

morning 8:00 am check out from Jiuzhaigou hotel, drive 3 hours to Huanglong Park

walk along the valley in Huanglong National Park, it’s stunning, terraced,coloured limestone ponds of blues ,turquoises , yeallows and greens are exquisite.

suggest you take cable car up and walk down ( 4 hours in the park )

drive to Songpan 1.5h for the night

day 4: Songpan-Chengdu (7hours drive ) 

visit the ancient town of Songpan .

drive back to Chengdu


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  1. Dear friend,

    What is the cost of the trip above?

    We would drive from Chengdu and visit Huanglong on the way (I think) and then at the end of our tour we would fly from Jiuzhiagou to our next destination.


    1. Hi Jade

      Thank you for contact us.
      Could your tell me your travel date and how many people on this trip?
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    2. Hi Jade
      Please contact me over WeChat or whatsapp with my phone number +86 18980454082

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