West Sichuan: Kangding -Tagong-Daocheng Yading-Tagong-Danba-Mt.Siguniang round trip

Day 1. Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha .

pick up from hotel at 8:30

drive to Ya’an city ( 2.5h )

Day 2.  Leshan Giant Buddha-Ya’an Bifengxia ( hike in the gorge )

Shangli Ancient town

night stay in Bifengxia / Shangli Ancient town

Day 3. Ya’an-Luding ( Luding Bridge )-Kangding (6h drive )

night stay in Kangding

Kangding is a main gateway to Tibet from Sichuan, for many travelers this is the first taste of the Tibetan world. Kangding is famous throughout China for a popular love song inspired by the town’s surrounding scenery.

Day 4. Kangding-Mugecuo -Kangding -Xinduqiao

night stay in Xinduqiao town


Day 5. Xinduqiao-Daocheng County ( 6.5h )

Day 6. Daocheng county-Daocheng Yading . visit the short villey .

Day 7. Daocheng Yading ( the long valley ) .

drive 2h to Daocheng County for the night

Day 8.Daocheng county-Xinduqiao

Day 9. Xinduqiao-Tagong-Bamei-Danba ( visit one valley is enough , others look the same ) –drive 2.5h to Rilong town .

Day 10 .Mt.Siguniang (Shuangqiao valley ). Rilong town

Day 11. Mt.Siguniang ( Changping Valley ) . Rilong town

Day 12 .Rilong –Barkam (Maerkang ). ( 4h )

Zhuokeji Tibetan Headman ‘s Manor

Barkam (Maerkang) city

Day 13. Maerkang-Yingxiu earthquake center – Dujiangyan Irrigation project

Day 14.  back to Chengdu .

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