West Sichuan: Kangding -Tagong-Daocheng Yading-Tagong-Danba-Mt.Siguniang round trip

Day 1. Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha .

pick up from hotel at 8:30am, drive 2.5h to Leshan Giant Buddha 

visit the largest sitting Buddha in the world ( two ways : by climbing to the Giant Buddha’s head or by boat to the foot of the Buddha in the river. 

drive to Ya’an for the night ( 2h )

Day 2.  Ya’an Bifengxia

quite a few to do :

1. hike in Bifengxia Gorge. 

2.visit Bifengxia Panda base ( here are pandas of different ages ) 

Shangli Ancient town

drive to Kangding (2.5h ) for the night 

Kangding is a main gateway to Tibet from Sichuan, for many travelers it is the first taste of the Tibetan world. Kangding is famous throughout China for a popular love song inspired by the town’s surrounding scenery. Kangding is beautiful with river-view in the night .

Day 3. Kangding-Mugecuo -Kangding -Xinduqiao (3300m)

visit Mugecuo (40 minutes drive from Kangding ) 

mountains, lake, valleys ,red stones etc. 

drive 2.5 hours to Xinduqiao in the afternoon

night stay in Xinduqiao town, if weather is good , shoot the starry sky in the night .


Day 4. Xinduqiao-Daocheng County ( 6.5h )

Day 5. Daocheng county-Daocheng Yading .

visit Daocheng Yading’s short villey .entrance-Zhuomalacuo (pearl Lake ) altitude 4080m , full day in the park . 

night stay in RIwa Town(2900m)  or Yading village (inside the park  4060m) 


Day 6 Daocheng Yading ( the long valley ) .

entrance ( or Yading Village) to Milk Lake(4600m)  – Five-color Lake (4700m)

drive 2h to Daocheng County for the night

Day 7.Daocheng county-Xinduqiao (7 hours drive) 

Day 8. Xinduqiao-Tagong Grassland-Bamei-Danba

visit Jiaju or Zhonglu Tibetan village

night stay in local Tibetan’s home-style guesthouse. 

pick the fruit or vegetables in the village. take photos of Danba tibetan houses and bunkers .

Day 9 . Danba-Rilong Town( 3 hours drive) 

Mt.Siguniang (Shuangqiao valley ). Rilong town

Day 10. Mt.Siguniang ( Changping Valley ) . Rilong town

Day 11 .Rilong –Barkam (Maerkang ). ( 4h )

Zhuokeji Tibetan Headman ‘s Manor

Barkam (Maerkang) city

Day 12. Maerkang- Chengdu 

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