Leshan Giant Buddha + Mt.Emei 2-day tour

day 1: Leshan Giant Buddha day tour  

morning pick up from your hotel , drive 2.5h to Leshan Giant Buddha

located on the convergence of the three rivers: Qingyi River, Dadu River and Min River . Leshan Giant Buddha is 71meters high, the biggest sitting buddha in the world. Leshan Giant Buddha is carved on Lingyun Mountain , built in Tang Dynasty ( A.D 713-A.D 803)

you may choose to walk around the Buddha or take the cruise to visit the buddha .

then drive 50 minutes to Emeishan .

night stay at the foot of Mt.Emei

day 2:Mt.Emei 

take the sightseeing bus from the foot -Baoguo Temple bus station to Leidongping parking (1h 40 m)

wak 40 minutes to Jinding ( Golden Summit ) cable car station . take the cable car up ( 5m) , then walk to the Golden Summit ( Jinding)

same way down

you can also visit Wannian Temple , and walk down to Qingyin Pavillion and Wuxiangang parking

take the bus down to the Baoguo Temple station .

drive back to Chengdu

( you can do 2-day Emeishan hiking tour without taking bus from the foot but walk the whole way to the top which takes 1.5 day )


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